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The United States Small Business Administration defines a small business in part as having up to 500 employees. If you are reading this page then you are probably choking at the thought of being compared to a company with up to 499 people!

Many small businesses are created with with a fantastic idea by a creative person who may or may not have lots of business skills and lots of computer technology skills. Great business ideas often come from creative people who have a passion to take that ideas directly to customers and people who want to take a chance on it and implement it now.

Great news - you now have a place to find help in implementing your idea.

Our definition of a small business (especially and extra small business) is in terms of people. Specifically, an extra small business (xSMB) usually will have less then 10 full time employees. Sales volumes are not particularly helpful when defining this small of an enterprise. Often, even though your sales in dollar terms may be high or low...there is still a base line amount of work that needs to be done with virtually ANY small business.

That is where this web site may come in handy.

We will help you find computer tools and services that do one of two things: help you reduce costs or increase sales. There is a quick way to remembr this core principle - RCIS. Reduce Costs Increase Sales. This is a guiding principle of all small business - control cash flow and you have a much greater chance at success!

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